Denver Fire Department and the Denver Fire Department Foundation are touched and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and generosity by our community during this difficult time. 

Denver Fire Department Foundation is accepting and coordinating all donations for the Denver Fire Department.

As of 9/30/20, we have coordinated and/or delivered to Denver Fire Stations – every firefighter on every shift at every station has received at least 3 meals, most have received 4-5. We have also fed dispatch, line shop, maintenance, admin and Rapid Response testing.

Huge thanks to the Denver community for YOUR support of Denver Firefighters!

  • 210+ gallons of hand sanitizer
  • 9200+ PPE masks and gowns, plus 100 plexiglass face shields, decon equipment
  • 170 cases of beverages
  • 4650+ meals to Denver Fire stations; 1500+ power bars
  • $385,047 in grants and donations for PPEs and other COVID-related equipment
  • 184 gift cards to Denver Fire stations
  • Misc equipment for fire stations including new mixer, pots and pans, kitchen equipment, grill and grill covers

If you wish to make a donation of goods, services or a direct donation, please see below: 

Checks and gift cards can be mailed to:
Denver Fire Department Foundation
PO Box 12014
Denver, CO 80212-0014

Donations can be made here.

To coordinate pick up or delivery of goods and services:
phone 303-594-6567

** during this time, the IRS has changed guidelines for individual and joint filers for cash donations and the amount of in kind donation allowable as a percentage of income. Please consult this guidance and/or your accountant.

Fast Facts

  • The Denver Fire Department consists of six divisions:
    1. Operations
    2. Safety & Training
    3. Fire Prevention
    4. Adminsitration
    5. Technical Services
    6. Denver International Airport
  • The DFD's annual budget is approximately $100 million.
  • The Department employs 904 firefighters and 41 civilians.
  • There are 33 stations, 4 of which are at DIA.
  • These stations are home to 27 engines companies, 14 trucks, one heavy/technical rescue unit, one hazard unit, one water rescue unit, one collapse rescue unit, one air-light unit, one command and control vehicle and a number of reserve apparatus, chiefs’ vehicles and utility apparatus.
  • In 2008, the Denver Fire Department responded to 84,953 total alarms
  • 45, 688 medical calls
  • 8,525 auto accidents
  • 685 structure fires
    • 317 vehicle fires
    • 2,483 hazardous conditions calls
    • 3,659 service calls and 4,201 other rescues
  • More than 30 members of the Denver Fire Department are involved with Colorado Task Force 1 (CO-TF1), urban search and rescue team.
  • The DFD’S Special Operations Team provides full technical rescue capability for water rescue (open water, swift water and under the ice); hazardous materials mitigation; collapse, confined space and trench rescue; and complex extrication and high-rise rescue.
  • More than 40 Denver firefighters are members of the Denver Wildland Firefighting Team deployed regularly to fight wildfires across the country.